Which muscle do girls find most attractive?

Which Muscle Do Girls Find Most Attractive?

When it comes to attracting women, physical appearance plays a significant role in catching their attention. While everyone’s preferences may vary, several studies have identified the muscles that women find most attractive in men. Let’s take a closer look at these muscles and what makes them so appealing to women.

One study conducted by the University of Texas at Austin surveyed 503 women to determine their preferences. The results revealed that two core muscles, the frontal abdominals and obliques, topped the list of attractive muscles for girls. These muscles require dedication and physical fitness to develop, and women appreciate the effort put into building and defining them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Core muscles, such as the abs and obliques, are considered attractive by women.
  • These muscles require dedication and physical fitness to develop.
  • Women appreciate the effort put into building and defining these muscles.

Abs and Obliques

When it comes to attractive muscles, abs and obliques are highly coveted by both men and women. These core muscles not only contribute to a sculpted physique but also indicate dedication and physical fitness. Women especially find well-developed abs and obliques attractive.

In a study conducted by the University of Texas at Austin, 503 women were surveyed to determine which muscles they found most appealing in men. The results revealed that the frontal abdominals and obliques ranked at the top of the list. These muscles are harder to build and require dedication to physical fitness, making them a symbol of discipline and hard work.

Women appreciate the effort that goes into developing abs and obliques as it showcases a commitment to maintaining a healthy and fit physique. These muscles not only enhance physical appearance but also indicate overall body strength and core stability.

Benefits of Well-Developed Abs and Obliques
Enhance overall core strength
Improve posture and stability
Assist in various movements and exercises
Create a visually appealing physique
Contribute to better athletic performance

Developing abs and obliques requires a combination of targeted exercises and a well-rounded fitness routine. Incorporating exercises like planks, Russian twists, and bicycle crunches can help engage these muscles effectively. Additionally, maintaining a healthy diet and reducing body fat can further enhance the visibility of abs and obliques.

By prioritizing core strength and dedicating time and effort to developing abs and obliques, individuals can not only enhance their physical appearance but also improve their overall fitness and well-being.


The glutes, also known as the gluteus muscles, are another group of muscles that women find attractive. These muscles, located in the buttocks, not only contribute to physical fitness but are also challenging to develop. Women appreciate the dedication and effort put into building larger gluteus muscles, as they signify a commitment to overall physical fitness.

Building and defining the glutes requires specific exercises that target these muscles effectively. Squats and hip thrusts are two of the most popular exercises known for their ability to activate and strengthen the glute muscles. Incorporating these exercises into your fitness routine can help you achieve a more pronounced and attractive posterior.

Exercise Description
Squats Squats involve lowering your body into a seated position while keeping your feet shoulder-width apart. This exercise targets the glutes, as well as the quads and hamstrings. It can be performed with body weight or added resistance, such as barbells or kettlebells.
Hip Thrusts Hip thrusts focus specifically on activating the glute muscles. This exercise involves lying on your back with your knees bent and thrusting your hips upward while keeping your upper back on a bench or step. You can perform hip thrusts with or without added resistance, such as a barbell across your hips.

Shoulders and Biceps

When it comes to attracting women, it’s not just about having a great personality. Physical appearance plays a significant role in catching a woman’s attention. In a study conducted by the University of Texas, researchers found that women are particularly attracted to the shoulders and biceps of men. These muscles, which are indicators of strength, have long been regarded as attractive by both men and women.

Broad shoulders and well-defined biceps can make a man appear physically dominant and exude a sense of power. In the past, these traits were desirable as they represented hunting ability and the ability to provide and protect. Therefore, it’s no surprise that women continue to be drawn to men with strong shoulders and biceps.

To give you a visual representation, here is a table showcasing some exercises that can help develop and strengthen the shoulders and biceps:

Shoulder Exercises Biceps Exercises
Military Press Barbell Curls
Arnold Press Dumbbell Curls
Lateral Raises Hammer Curls
Front Raises Preacher Curls

Strong Shoulders and Biceps

By incorporating these exercises into your fitness routine, you can develop strong and attractive shoulders and biceps. However, it’s important to note that focusing solely on these muscle groups may not lead to a well-rounded physique. It’s essential to maintain overall fitness and work on other muscle groups as well.

Next, we will explore another muscle group that women find attractive: the chest.


While the chest muscles ranked below the previously mentioned muscle groups, they still proved to be attractive to women.

A research paper published in 2014 investigated the perception of attractiveness in men with broader chests and narrower hips. The findings revealed that women perceive men with wider chests as more physically dominant, fit, and better able to protect loved ones.

Building and maintaining a well-defined chest can contribute to an overall attractive physical appearance.

Muscle Group Reason for Attraction
Chest muscles Perception of physical dominance and protection
Abs and Obliques Dedication to physical fitness
Glutes Indicator of physical fitness
Shoulders and Biceps Indicators of strength
Forearms Symbol of strength and capability
Back, Calves, and Hamstrings Overall strength and fitness

Powerful Forearms

When it comes to attracting women, strong forearms can make a significant impression. Women associate powerful forearms with strength, capability, and physical prowess. Well-developed forearms are not only visually appealing but also indicate that a man is capable of performing various tasks effectively.

Forearms play a crucial role in providing the strength and dexterity needed for a capable and dexterous touch. Whether it’s lifting heavy objects, engaging in physical activities, or demonstrating manual skills, strong forearms are essential. Women appreciate the physical prowess displayed by well-toned forearms.

“His strong forearms captured my attention. They showcased his strength and ability to handle any task with ease.”

Powerful forearms can leave a lasting impression on women. They demonstrate that a man is committed to physical fitness and has put in the effort to develop this muscle group. Whether it’s through gripping weights, performing forearm-specific exercises, or engaging in activities that challenge the forearms, the dedication to building strong forearms does not go unnoticed.


In summary, strong forearms have a significant impact when it comes to attracting women. They convey strength, capability, and physical prowess, qualities that women find appealing. Developing and maintaining well-toned forearms can make a man stand out and pique a woman’s interest.

Other Attractive Muscles

In addition to the previously mentioned muscles, women also find the back, calves, and hamstrings attractive. These muscle groups contribute to an overall sense of strength and fitness. A wide back signifies a V-shaped torso and ancestral attraction, while rock-hard calves and conditioned hamstrings enhance the ability to engage in physical activities and increase pleasure during intimate moments.

When it comes to physical attractiveness, women appreciate a well-developed back that showcases overall upper body strength. A strong and defined back can give the impression of confidence and power, which are qualities women find attractive.

Calves are another area of the lower body that women find appealing. Well-built calves contribute to an aesthetically pleasing physique and indicate dedication to leg training. In many cases, women view strong calves as a sign of overall athletic ability and physical prowess.


Hamstrings, located at the back of the thigh, are also considered attractive by women. Well-toned and defined hamstrings demonstrate dedication to lower body training and overall leg strength. Women often associate conditioned hamstrings with the ability to perform demanding physical activities and are attracted to men who possess this level of fitness.

Women find a well-developed back, strong calves, and conditioned hamstrings attractive because these muscles represent physical strength, power, and overall fitness.

By focusing on these muscles, men can work towards developing an attractive physique that appeals to women’s preferences. Incorporating exercises such as deadlifts, pull-ups, calf raises, and hamstrings curls can help target these muscle groups effectively.

Attractive Muscles Why Women Find Them Attractive
Back Signifies overall upper body strength and power
Calves Indicates athleticism and dedication to leg training
Hamstrings Represents lower body strength and physical prowess


When it comes to attracting women, physical appearance undoubtedly plays a crucial role. While individual preferences may vary, extensive research has shed light on the specific muscles that women find most attractive in men. From abs and obliques to glutes, shoulders, biceps, chest, and forearms, it is clear that developing a well-rounded and proportionate physique can greatly enhance one’s attractiveness to women.

However, it’s essential to note that women value overall fitness and balance in a man’s physical appearance. Focusing solely on isolated muscle groups may not yield the desired results. Instead, investing time and effort in achieving a healthy and harmonious physique is key.

Ultimately, aiming for a combination of attractive muscles and a well-maintained physical appearance can have a significant impact on catching the attention of women. So, if you are looking to enhance your appeal, remember to work towards a balanced and proportionate physique through a comprehensive fitness regimen.


Which muscles do girls find most attractive?

Girls find a variety of muscles attractive, but the most commonly preferred muscles include abs and obliques, glutes, shoulders and biceps, chest, forearms, and other muscle groups.

Why do girls find abs and obliques attractive?

Abs and obliques indicate dedication to physical fitness and are harder to build, making them attractive to girls.

What makes glutes attractive to girls?

Girls find larger gluteus muscles attractive because they demonstrate physical fitness and are challenging to develop.

Why are shoulders and biceps attractive to girls?

Shoulders and biceps are seen as indicators of strength and physical dominance, which are desirable traits to both men and women.

What about the chest muscles?

Chest muscles are still attractive to girls as they perceive men with broader chests as physically dominant and better able to protect loved ones.

Why do girls find powerful forearms attractive?

Powerful forearms are associated with strength and physical prowess, which girls appreciate in a potential partner.

Are there any other muscles that girls find attractive?

Yes, girls also find the back, calves, and hamstrings attractive, as these muscle groups contribute to an overall sense of strength and fitness.

What muscles are most attractive to women?

Overall, women find a combination of well-developed and proportionate muscles attractive, as it reflects overall fitness and a healthy-looking appearance.

Why is physical appearance important in attracting women?

Physical appearance plays a significant role in catching a woman’s attention and can contribute to initial attraction. However, it’s important to remember that individual preferences may vary.

What should I focus on to attract women?

While physical appearance is important, it’s crucial to focus on overall fitness and a balanced physique. Developing a well-rounded physique, including the muscles mentioned, can be beneficial in catching a woman’s attention.

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